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Slakkenwonder” is the latest development on the domain of cosmetics.

It is for external use of the face, the hands and the body. The gel takes care of deep recover of the skin. Suitable for all kinds of skin for men, woman ánd children. Recent research shows that slime of snails has unique healing qualities. Snails are capable of repairing their shell themselves by the recovering ingredient Allantoine, which is in the slime. The recovering of “Slakkenwonder” is based on the combination of Allantoine and Glycolacid (Hydroxy-acetic acid) that gives a natural peeling of the skin. Dead skincells are carefully going away. On the same time the gel gives a renewing and rejuvenation of the damages skin.
“Slakkenwonder” has a unique combination of these ingredients:

•  ALLANTONINE: repairs and recovers the cells and rejunevates the skin.

•  HYDROXY- ACETIC ACID: for renovate  the skin.

•  COLLAGEEN AND ELASTINE:  for the relay function and the flexibility. .

•  VITAMINS and PROTEIN: feeds the skin and makes it pliable.

  How “Slakkenwonder“ works.

•  Wounds recover very quickly and without scars.

•  Dead skincells will be removed.

•  Strong skin and rejuvenating.

•  Damaged skin will recover and shine.

•  Scars, wrinkles, stretchmarks, will decrease.

Use it for: acné, pimples, spots, blackheads, wrinkles, birthmarks, éven for eczema and psoriasis!

Use daily twice on a clean skin for the best results.

“Slakkenwonder” replaces also day- and nightcream.


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